Monogram Light Hire

Display your name in lights. 

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Price includes everything you need including personalised design pre-installed, monogram projector, wireless remote control, a 10-foot cable and carry bag.

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Wedding Monogram Template
Event Monogram Template
Pattern Monogram Template

Further details

Monogram lighting adds a personlised touch to your special day. The projector will be pre-loaded with your custom design, so all you need to do is plug it in and point the projector at a wall.

The monogram projector can be placed any distance away from the wall. The further away, the larger the image.

We recommend placing the monogram projector on a table. You can also project the monogram onto the dance floor, just ask you DJ to clamp the projector to their equipment stand. 


An additional optional Lighting Stand (£15) can be added if you need to mount the projector up high to shine down onto a floor. 


Unlike other types of projectors, our LED fixtures are energy efficient and do not get hot.