Dreamcatcher Seating Chart

Dream catchers are whimsical, trendy and elegant all at the same time. Escort your guests to their seat with this beautifully laser cut, dreamy seating chart.

Originating as a Native American handcraft, dreamcatchers are said to snare bad dreams and only allow filter the good thoughts into your sleep – which makes them a pretty lovely feature for a day that’s filled with happiness, hopes and good vibes.

Made from cotton string, wooden beads and wooden laser cut feathers with your guest's names intricately etched into them. Each dreamcatcher represents each table, and they are displayed beautifully onto a panel of our living foliage wall with the wooden words 'Be our Guest' (laser cut) at the top.

Our team can customise this seating plan to accommodate the number of tables you are having at your reception, so that it all fits perfectly and is pleasing to the eye.

We also have matching table numbers and feather name tags to compliment.

Our Dreamcatcher Seating Chart are for Hire Only. Contact us today at Eventful Vibes to check availability, as well as a product quote.

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