Wooden Album Seating Chart

Your seating chart sets the tone for your wedding reception and it should speak to you and your new spouse’s style, whatever your theme.

Using state of the art laser cutters, we are able to create intricate works of art to incorporate into your wedding day. This method allows a level of precision that no other method allows and the end result is an incredible amount of detail which equals pure amazingness.

This custom-made, two toned, wooden seating chart is created using that very laser technique, for a rustic themed wedding and a couple who has a love for music.


Each table in the reception room is represented on the seating chart by an album or a favourite song of your choice, seating guests with their own wooden love-heart name tag.

Our Wooden Album Seating Chart are for Hire Only. Contact us today at Eventful Vibes to check availability, as well as a product quote.

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