Draping Aisle Foliage Garland

Your grand entrance down the aisle is one of the most special (and most photographed) moments during your wedding ceremony. Not to mention, you're actually going to make that trip twice—with the second being when you exit as a newlywed, of course. So, basically, wedding aisle décor is something that you want to think about.

And just because you want to do something with it, doesn't mean it has to be extravagant. Elevate a barn setting with rustic-chic décor, like this greenery-lined aisle accents.

This particular design is perfect for small aisle spaces, as they are draped through the chairs to keep from tripping or moving out of place and they do not take any room away from the aisle path. These garlands can also be displayed in a line on the floor to frame the aisle on either side and if you have a little more space, can be doubled up to create a thicker display of greenery.

Our Draping Aisle Foliage Garland is for Hire Only. Contact us today at Eventful Vibes to check availability, along with a product quote.

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