Magnolia & Blossom Centrepiece

Our strikingly lavish Magnolia centrepieces are bursting with blooms and luxurious stunning silk florals accredited by the British Floral Association. 

They are an incredibly beautiful and affordable alternative to fresh blooms and last longer too. While fresh flowers are fragile and can often get damaged in transit, our real looking artificial versions are more resilient and still look stunning alongside your wedding decor.

And, if you or any of your guests have an allergy to pollen or often get hay-fever, then our high quality artificial flowers allow you to have the best of both worlds - enjoying the beauty of flowers at your wedding/event without the sniffles. 

Available on a rental basis and customise the vase filling to compliment your theme. Choose between:-

- Pearls

- Moss

_ Wood Like Rattan Chippings

Did you know, white Magnolia flowers symbolise purity, dignity and perseverance, while white Blossom represents honesty, purity and perfection. These flowers all communicate pure, thoughtful love and undying fidelity. A perfect combination for a beautiful wedding

Our Magnolia and Blossom Centrepieces  is for Hire Only. Contact us today at Eventful Vibes to check availability, along with a product quote.

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