Set of 3 Gold Trim Glass Terrarium Lanterns

These stylish glass lanterns are beautiful in their simplicity. Combination of different sizes and suitable for t-lights or rustic candles. 


They are a great addition to modern and rustic or geometric weddings. 


Use an assorted mixed and mismatch terrarium lantern display of various heights at the side of your walkway or ceremony aisle, to create the perfect ambiance and display, finishing with scattered rose petals or greenery around the base.


Large: 300mm H x 15mm x 15mm

Medium: 200mm H x 15mm x 15mm

Small: 180mm H x 100mm x 100mm 

Extra Small: 150mm H x 100mm x 100mmm

Suitable for both pillar candles or tea lights and our realistic flameless candles. 

Our Set of 3 Gold Trim Glass Terrarium Lanterns are for Hire Only. Contact us today at Eventful Vibes to check availability, as well as a product quote.

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