Rust Gauze Napkins


Attention to detail is one key factor that separates good weddings from truly great ones, and creative napkin folds are the perfect example of how the littlest details can make a major impact. While napkins are undoubtedly a necessary part of your tabletop design, their method of display doesn't need to be standard or plain. In fact, we think it should enchance the rest of the décor choices you've made.

Even if you won't be pre-setting tables with chargers or plates, you can still create a striking place setting just with your choice of napkins. A simple rectangular fold, wrapped together with your menu with twine or string and bundle off with a sprig of greenery, will create a defined place setting on your banquet tables 

These strictly beautiful rust coloured napkins would work perfectly with likewise neutral tones.

Made from thick high quality cotton, double gauze fabric.

Our Rust Gauze Napkins are for Hire Only. Contact us today at Eventful Vibes to check availability, as well as a product quote.

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