Clear Glass Cylinder Candle Holder


Our elegant, crystal clear cylinder glass vase set of 3 makes a dramatic presentation in any event space. The simplicity of the straight sides makes these a subtle way to display any arrangement. 


Perfect to use with pillar candles or floating candles and water. 

They can also be used for floral displays, which can be as simple or as elaborate as your budget or taste dictates. 


85mm x 190mm/3.25 inch x 7.5 inch

85mm x 228mm/3.25 inch x 9.0 inch 

85mm x 267mm/3.25 inch x 10.5 inch 

We offer other versatile selection of cylinder vases too.

All our glassware is supplied pristinely clean and ready for immediate use.

Our clear glass cylinder candle holders are for Hire Only. Contact us today at Eventful Vibes to check availability, along with a product quote.

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