Frequently asked questions

What if I need to change the date?

If you have to change your wedding date, we will do our very best to accommodate this change. However please remember that we have a busy schedule, so if you need to fiscuss a change of date, please contact us urgently.

Why Use Artificial Flowers?

We offer a quality artifical flower service, accredited by the British Floral Association. Artificial flower arrangements for weddings are an affordable alternative to fresh blooms and last longer too. Fresh flowers can often get damaged in transit as they are very fragile but the real looking artificial versions are more resilient and still look stunning alongside your wedding decor. If you have an allergy to pollen or often get hay-fever then artificial flowers allow you to have the best of both worlds - enjoying the beauty of flowers at your wedding without the sniffles. This also goes for your guests too. Another benefit of having artificial flower arrangements for weddings is that you can create a specific look without restriction from seasonality. Our team can make a uniform arrangement so each table, buttonhole or bouquet matches your style perfectly.Weddings can be a magical time and the floral decorations you choose and how they are used in the decoration can make a real impact on the setting. Artificial flowers have stronger stems that can be tied to pillars, arches, chairs, pews and cars with ease to make your wedding vision into a reality. With a little of creativity, we can make our beautiful artifical arrangements unique to your theme, and capture the spirit and style of your wedding. By combing the centerpieces with touches such as beads, crystals, moss, lace, ribbon, mirrors and/or candles, we can add your personal style. However, if fresh flowers are a requirement, we can combine the centerpieces with smaller vases of fresh flowers by your chosen florist. We have a varity of beautiful vases to match any style.