Bronzed Ornate Floor Standing Display Easel


Beautiful carved easel with intricate detailing to hire for weddings and event, Perfect for table plan, welcome sign or 'Order of the Day' program board. Our customisable light-up boards are made to fit perfectly on them.  


Height- 160cm Height (63")

Bar of Easel - D6cm x W60cm

Widest Point of Easel - 54cm

Height from ledge to the bottom of the detail - 84cm

Height of detail to the top of the easel - 29cm

This easel will hold up to A0 size (84 x 119cm).

If you do not wish to cover any of the detail at the top of the easel we recommend your frame measures no more than 84cm. If your frame measures more than this it will start to cover the detail at the top of the easel. The detail measures 29cm to give you an idea of size. 

Our bronzed ornate floor standing easel is for Hire Only. Contact us today at Eventful Vibes to check availability, along with a product quote.

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