Octagonal Mirror Acrylic Cake Stand

Perfect for any celebration - our uniquely beautiful, round silver mirrored acrylic cake stand can be used to create the most stunning cake table.


An alternative choice to conventional stands, the base is open to allow for fairy lights, flowers, or other decorative pieces to be added underneath – offering a different element to displaying a wedding cake.


The striking mirrored effect reflects the details of the exquisite cake on top. How about placing candles or other decorations on top or around the base?


It also pairs perfectly with our matt-champagne/blush sequin tablecloths to add a discrete touch of sparkle. An interesting substitute ‘to the norm’ for clients who like a touch of the unconventional and class!


Diameter: 18 Inch

Height: 4 Inch

Our octagonal mirror acrylic cake stand is for Hire Only. Contact us today at Eventful Vibes to check availability, along with a product quote.

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