10 Ways To Make A Big Wedding Feel Intimate

It’s not uncommon for couples to want a small intimate wedding, but have a pretty sizable guest list. Believe it or not, you don’t have to settle for one or the other.

If you’re staring down the barrel of a very big guest list but want to maintain an intimate and personal feel to your big day, we have some ideas to help you achieve optimum intimacy.

1. Song Requests

Asking your guests for individual song requests on their RSVP cards is a great way to make a big wedding feel more intimate. You might not have time to play every single request, but it’s a good way to get your guests involved in your wedding from the moment they receive their invitation, to the potential moment, they get to hear their song request realised. Not to mention it’s a great way to get your guests up on the dance floor.

Pictured above is our custom-made invitation including a postcard with RSVPs on one side and a song request on the other.

2. Intimiate Tables

If you have a large guest list, it might be a good idea, where possible, to stick to tables of seven at the most. If guests are sitting at tables of eight or ten, it can feel a bit too big, even when it’s essentially only a party of ten at the table itself. Guests at bigger tables are often too far away from some of their own table to talk to them. If you keep tables small and intimate, it will make the wedding feel small and intimate, even if the room is huge.

Pictured above is are our magnificently tall Magnolia and Blossom centrepieces, with our handmade blush coloured sequin tablecloths, and silver charger plates.

3. Personalise Your Décor

Any personalised special touches in your wedding will give your wedding an instant intimate feel. The more personal touches you add to your special day, the less it will feel like a big, generic wedding affair and the more it will feel like a personal and intimate celebration for you and your closest friends and family – even if you’re closest friends and family happens to include over 200 people.

Pictured above is our customised light-up welcome and program board, with couples names and date of name highlighted in metallic rose gold.

4. Lots of Candles

In terms of actual design and décor, candles are extremely effective, incorporate as many as possible. Even if your venue does not allow the use of real candles, we have the highest quality battery operated candles in the industry, which look so realistic and perfect for photographs.

Pictured above are our rose gold glass candle holders lighting up the top table.

5. Lower High Ceilings

If your venue has extremely high ceilings and huge expanses of blank wall space, this could take the intimacy levels down several notches. Therefore, think about bringing the roof down low by hanging strands of fairy or festoon lights, paper lanterns, bunting or draping. And soften walls by hanging sheer fabric or include a flower/living greenery wall.

Pictured above are our burgundy, blush pink and ivory lace paper lanterns, paired with our festoon lights draped in a zig zag for a relaxed and initiate atmosphere.

6. Deep, Warm Tones

If you’re trying to choose your wedding colours and you’re trying to achieve that intimate feel, then go for deep, warm tones, like maroon or berry and gold, or chocolate brown and cream. For lighter, more summery tones that still give you that intimate setting, try tones of blush, peach and coral, with accents of gold.

Pictured above are our rich burgundy napkins, wrapped in metallic gold ribbon, finished with a laser etched log slice name tag.

7. Big Centrepieces

If your venue has extremely high ceilings, this can take the intimacy levels down several notches. However, depending on how high they are, you can counteract this with big, tall centrepieces. While many people would assume that small, intimate centrepieces make for a small, intimate wedding, the opposite is actually true. Bigger centrepieces will shrink the room, while smaller ones will only attract attention to the vast size of the room.

Pictured above is are our magnificently tall Magnolia and Blossom centrepieces.

8. Give Each Table An Identity

If you haven’t already though about personalising your table numbers, why not? Aside from the personalisation factor we mentioned earlier, giving your tables a name or identity will help your guests identify with their table. Sitting at ‘France’ will hold a lot more weight and a greater memory compared to guests who are sitting at table five. Table names will be even more significant if there’s a story to go with it. Perhaps France is the first holiday you went on together? There are plenty of other table naming options to choose from. One of our couple's loved music and chose to name each table after one of their favour songs as a couple, so we created a rustic album seating chart (pictured below) with a matching wooden album placed on each table to match.

Pictured above is our custom-made, wooden album seating chart.

9. An Alternative Photo Booth

A photo booth is one of the most popular ways to not only add a sense of a close-knit family wedding, but also to introduce a massive element of fun to your special day. Guests will have endless fun with a photo booth and feel like a special effort has been made to make sure they’re well entertained, and you’ll be left with some pretty hilarious pictures. Click here to view our range of fun and decorative, alternative photo booths for further inspirtation.

Pictured above is our pink floral, alternative photo booth frame, personalised with couple's details.

10. Homemade Favours

Homemade favours are a sure-fire way to make every guest feel special and appreciated. There are plenty of simple homemade favours you can offer your guests, particularly if you have any talent in the kitchen. If not, there are plenty of useful favours you can offer your guests that have that personal touch. Click here for our guide on how to make your own Palo Santo Incense Bundle as a simple and budget friendly wedding favour.