Wed Min From Home - Tasks to tick off your to do list during lockdown.

Working from home doesn't have to be boring if you spice up your day with some fun wed min tasks you can do from home!

When all we have to occupy ourselves at the moment is work, chores and Netflix (and, whisper it, even that can get boring), it's easy to lose the anticipation you were building up for your wedding and to start seeing your to-do list as a mammoth task.

The run-up to your wedding should be one of the most fun and exciting times of your life and a little enjoyable wedmin can help you get right back in that mindset. These tasks can be done from home and will keep the planning momentum going so you're all set for the day when we can finally get out the house again.

1. Organise Your Guest List

Knowing your rough numbers is essential for finding a venue thats the right size, planning your budget and getting quotes for everything from venue decorations to stationary.

Already sent invites? Get chasing those late RSVPs. Now is the ideal time to sit down, sort your yes and no piles, work out who hasn't sent theirs back, and send a nudging email or text.

2. Love The Things You Love

Deciding a theme can be highly overwhelming, especially when Pinterest and Instagram provide constant inspiration for all things you could do. My advise for the best place to start is with the things you love. If you are foodies, give food the starring role. If you love brutalist architecture and minimalism, embrace those styles when choosing your venue and deciding your decor.

Reflect on the best memories you have experienced together - a wonderful holiday, your favourite music or winter evenings spent in front of the fire with a bottle of wine. Look at what you wear, what your home looks like and what you love to look at and build from there. If your home is Scandi-minimal with natural wood and white galore, opting from rainbow-coloured decor just because they're on-trend will never feel right.

Pictured above is our laser cut, wooden record seating chart found here.

3. Three Little Words

Wedding styling has become much more fluid than just choosing a colour scheme and following it through with every chair cover and napkin. It's about creating an atmosphere. If you can, choose just three words that describe how you'd like your wedding day to feel, and refer to these throughout the planning process - eclectic, maximalist, vintage, romantic, mood, Scottish, boho, retro, punk... whatever you choose will have a lot more charm than something that's been forced to match.

4. Stalk Your Venue's Real Weddings

There's no easier way to get inspiration than seeing how couples have already transformed your chosen venue. Visit your venue's Facebook, Instagram and website to scout out good locations for couple photographs; see how real couples have used flowers in the ceremony and reception spaces; check if they added cool features like a kids space, games, photo backdrop wall. Do you love their colour scheme, or the way their tables have been laid out? Can you see a way you'd do something differently?

One of our real couple's photographs taken by James & Merika of James Green Studio.

5. Perfect Your Pinterest Boards

Whether you have 20 different Pinterest boards or you haven't started yet, looking at some visual inspiration is guaranteed to make you smile. Nail some important decisions now, what will your theme be, what look do you want for your flowers, are there any dress styles you love? Organise your boards and you'll hit the ground running when you speak to wedding suppliers.

6. Make It Intimate

Most couples want their reception to feel cosy and intimate. Problem is, some venues are simply cavernous, with high ceilings and huge expanses of blank wall to fill. Think about bringing the roof down low by hanging strands of fairy/festoon lights, paper lanterns, bunting or draping. And soften walls by hanging sheer fabric or include a flower/living greenery wall.

Take inspiration from the surroundings of your venue. If its country house hotel, for instance, think like an interior design and look for a tile in entrance hall or a detail in the plasterwork that fires your imagination. This can really help to pull your overall theme together. Use it to inspire everything from your wedding stationery to your cake for an eclectic but cohesive final look.

One of our real weddings photographed by Henry Lowther.

7. Create A Rough Wedding Day Timetable

If you know when your ceremony is, you can start building up a schedule of when your wedding party needs to arrive to get ready, when dinner will be, how long you have for speeches etc. No idea? Use our 'wedding day timeline templates'. Your wedding venue can also be a great source of help, as they know how to plan wedding timelines that will work well at that venue and they have varying 'last order' times too.

Pictured above is our customisable Order of the Day light up sign found here.

8. Create A HashTag

From engagement photographs to the the hen party and of course the big day, a playful branded hashtag that is personal to you as a couple, will help everyone share in the fun. Even if your ceremony is unplugged, a sign is the best way to politely get the point across. Then at cocktail hour, you can make it clear that photos are now fair game with a complementary sign displaying the hashtag.It would also engage your friends, family, and guests who are unable to attend your wedding. Then, enjoy looking at everyone’s selfies and pictures from your wedding since your photographer won't be sending you photos for six-eight weeks afterwards. Not only will the hashtagged snapshots tide you over, but they will also offer a different perspective from your professional photos – giving you the chance to see your special day through the eyes of the guests. As a bonus, if you make sure your vendors know the hashtag, you may get to see sneak peeks before your album arrives, such as a close up of your bouquet or a detail shot of the cake.

Pictured above is our customisable Alternative Photo Booth and personalised hashtag sign board.

9. Message The Professionals

No one wants to be left short-staffed on their wedding day. Even if you're a hands-on bride or groom, you don't need to be setting tables and hanging bunting when you're supposed to be getting your hair done or drinking bubbly! But whose job is it to make that stuff happen?

Wedding venue stylists can work on venue set-up and decoration on the day of your wedding. Not only is this service often more affordable than you might think, but the execution will be fast and flawless, you'll have use of the professionals props and set-up tools, and most importantly, you'll have zero stress about the venue set-up on the morning of your wedding. Professionals tend to liaise directly with the venue too, so you don't have to do a thing.

Hiring a venue stylist can also be helpful if you have a picture of how you want your day to look, but you're not sure how to make it all come together, or likewise, if you want your wedding to look amazing, but don't have a picture in your head of what that is.

Here at First Impression Wedding Design, we have an arsenal of great props, table linen and ceiling decor, whether you're looking for a vintage tea party look, a modern geometric style, cool boho festival vibe or something glam and luxurious. We can work with, or double up as, florists with our stunning realistic faux floral and greenery ranges, to make sure the decorative aspects of your day comes together. We can also look after your stationery, and create custom items like signage, table decor, favours and aisle backdrops. We always have fresh new ideas that have not been done before too, if you're looking for a more signature stamp to your special day. Send us a message today to talk about your dream wedding in further detail.

10. Have a Date Night

During these unprecedented time, it's easy for stress and anxiety to creep up on us. Spending 24/7 with your partner while feeling that way is a recipe for arguements. To avoid this, make sure you're 1) practising self-care, and 2) prioritising romance.

Take some daily alone time to have a bath, do an at-home workout, go for a walk, paint your nails, read a book, video call a friend or practice some mindfulness.

Then ensure you and your partner book in a least one night a week that's a designated date night. You could try a candlelit dinner (or takeaway), giving each other a massage, throwing a board game night, creating your own kitchen karaoke club and joining an online pub quiz. Take some time to learn about each other further and talk about things that aren't the wedding or Coronavirus.

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