The Wedding Trend Report 2020

Looking for something totally fresh that will bring your big day to the next level? We've got you covered.

Every new year comes with new engagements, new seasons and new decor trends... and this year, a new decade too!

We can't help but feel a slight ting of nostalgia saying goodbye to 2019 and everything we witnessed in weddings this past year. In 2019, we saw couples embrace pampas grass decor,

So, while we're not entirely ready to bid adieu to everything we loved about 2019, we realise it is time to lean into 2020... which is why we have decided we wanted to do a bit of research into trends so that our clients could stay ahead of the game too.

We've literally scoured the internet to bring you this list of upcoming predictions. We've looked at home interior trends & predictions for 2018, have been following fashion trend releases from top designers and spent hours and hours searching through pinterest & instagram (most certainly the best two places for inspo if you ask me) - not to mention all the time we have spent tralling through top wedding blogs too.

Keep reading for a run down of our predicted wedding styling trends for 2020.

1. Green Vibes

Sustainability has been a huge topic in the news for all of 2019 and will continue into 2020. With Princess Eugenie's environmentally-conscious wedding this year, so many eco-friendly options have popped up for couples. Expect to see more living trees and plants in ceramic pots and cool containers instead of cut flowers. These could be planted after the wedding or given as gifts to guests.

2. Inclusive Menus

Couples are being more thoughtful about inclusivity when it comes to very aspect of wedding planning, reception menus notwithstanding. Be considerate of all your guests (including those who are vegetarians or who have allergies) by offering up a variety of cuisines and sips too.

3. Magical Mysticism

If there is one theme you need to know about 2020 wedding trends, this is it: Mysticism is in. This spiritually charged vibe combines all the things: crystals, saging and Palo Santo. Don't force this thought make it work for your unique couple style - send guests home with a rose quartz crystal (the classic stone for love), or ask your guests to pass around your wedding rings during your ceremony, imbuing them with good energy and well wishes.

4. It's Lit

Good lighting is the surest way to get those 2020 wedding decor trends noticed. From hanging installations to time lighting and LED bars, the options are endless. Change up the feeling of your party and dinner to dancing with a light show or add strings of fairy lights to a concentrated space, like above your cake table for maximum effect. And fret not, candlelight is still on trend for creating an intimate and romantic vibe.

5. Self-Serve Refreshments

We’re not talking a cooler full of cold ones, this wedding trend dresses up the actual serving of a signature sip. An artfully created wall-mounted dispenser, a tricked out bar of pour-over drinks, or a slew of specialty garnishes allows guests to create their perfect cocktail. Bonus: you’ll need one less bartender to pull it off.

6. Statement Wedding Decor

Go for the wow-moment. Instead of stretching your decor budget to include many things, narrow in on one or two true statement moments, like hanging florals over dining tables or a neon installation that doubles as a ceremony altar. Your guests will be sure to remember a real standout detail, especially if it feels very “you guys."

7. The Return of the Rose

The ‘It’ flower of 2020 will be the rose. After years of succulents, anthurium lilies and pampas grass, the classic rose, ever the symbol for romance, is ready for a comeback and will reclaim the wedding throne this coming year.

8. Tactile Experiences

The This could mean everything from velvet tablecloths and table runners that your guests can’t help but run their fingers over, to tall grasses decorating your aisles they must step through to get to their seats. Picture that wedding scene in Crazy Rich Asians and you’ll know what we mean.

Invitations are great for texture: smooth acrylic; thick, rough parchment; metallic foils; pressed flower paper; tassels and more. Delivering them in a box rather than an envelope adds another layer to the invite experience – be aware though, it’s not particularly eco-friendly unless all of it can be recycled.

Instead of just an arch at your altar, consider one that guests must pass under to enter your ceremony space. Draped fabrics are beautiful, while old wooden doors are a fantastic rustic option. Inside, you could use vintage furniture, eclectic patterns, or finishing touches of cushions and blankets to add even more texture to your seating.

9. Translucent Details

Acrylic is still going strong and will continue to be a major wedding decor trend throughout 2020. Expect to see this translucent material used for cake stands, centrepieces, invitations, signage, creative place cards and charger plates.

10. Mirrors and Reflections

Expect to see reflective surfaces make a big comeback in 2020. “We’ve started having mirrored tabletops and bars, and even disco balls, at weddings,” says Sarah Banasiak, chief creative officer of Revel Global Events in Chicago, Illinois. “Mirrors make a room feel bigger, and they create an interesting glow, especially when candlelight is reflected off of them."