Jayd & Bobby - Hall Farm Hotel

There is nothing like a wedding to bring people together, and nothing like a country chic barn wedding to infuse the festivities with some timeless and stylish rustic charm!

Our happy couple wanted to evoke that sense of natural beauty with a true countryside charm and the aura of wholesomeness for their country barn reception setting at Hall Farm Hotel.

So, inspired by the gifts nature gave us, we paired bark tea light candle holders of various heights and sizes, with a touch of rose gold, metallic tea lights along the top table for a stylish, modern addition. This created a subtle but unquestionably romantic atmosphere of flickering candle light, complementing the couple's blush and burgundy florals perfectly.

Embracing nature further, we used our timeless Camellia trees to stand along the back wall of the reception room, acting as a natural living backdrop, inspired by the great outdoors. They served to beautifully frame the happy couple and their bridal party sat on the top table perfectly.

For those who enjoy knowing the smaller details, in the "language" of flowers, white Camellia (with their pristine and pure hue) are a perfect choice for a wedding, as they depict admiration. In Victorian England, if you thought someone was adorable, the best flowers that you could give to them was the white camellia. this white blossom may also symbolise perfection or being without blemish. It is also a flower that you can give to wish someone you care about the best of luck. Furthermore, in China, the camellia represents the union between two lovers. In Korea, the camellia's flowers is a symbol of faithfulness and longevity. In other words, a perfect fit for a wedding full of romance and happiness.

Using lace and hessian within venue styling is a great way of connecting more with an earthy atmosphere, while bunting adds a fabulous Summer feel to any occassion. Therefore, by combining the two together, our beautifully hand-made hessian and ivory lace bunting added an instant summer fete/ rustic feel to this beautiful wedding. We draped them evenly across the full width of the top table and then swagged them alone the stairs bannister of the fabulous Mezzanine inside the venue to match.

To differ slightly from mainstream table runners on guest tables, in order to reflect on the couple's individuality, we created stunning lace and hessian round centre mats. Every circular guest table had one placed under their log slice centrepiece for a completely beautifully chic and unique design, and we absolutely fell in love with them.

We love how wedding venue styling allows us the opportunity to be really creative, and dressing chairs are no exception. With endless possibilities, chair decor is a great alternative to chair covers and is one detail that can really impact the whole style of the venue.

With seating being a prominent part of this wedding's reception space, we created a completely bespoke, brand new design using the timeless and elegant nature of lace, with its femininity and romantic appeal.

To do so, we sourced the most beautiful, delicate lace pattern, which also had a subtle and elegant shimmer to it and handmade completely unique, yet romantically decorative, hoods to fit perfectly onto all of the rustic Chiavari chairs.

Then, to represent each guests place setting on the tables, we used our quality, handmade, ivory napkins and folded them in such a way to create a pocket, which neatly held each person's individually printed, dinner menus inside. Accompanying the napkins were small log slices that had beautifully stamped names of every person at the wedding, for people to easily find their seat. They also served as the perfect favour, giving guests a thoughtful and personal memory to take home with them.

Adding a countryside finish to each decorative slice of rustic elegance and tuning into the finer details, we added a band of hessian around the pocketed napkins for the name tags to be tied, and a fresh sprig of foliage to bring the whole natural elements of the wedding together.

Finally, to creating a real wow effect when guests entered the room, we combined our clear capped, warm festoon ceiling lights with stunning burgundy, pink and delicate, ivory lace paper lanterns to adorn the high ceiling at Hall Farm Hotel & Restaurant, providing a burst of the couple's wedding colours and an elegant golden glow when the sun went down.

Photograph above taken by James & Merika of James Green Studio.

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